The past few days many people across the area have seen this thing called “sea fog” and was wondering why this is occurring.

Fog itself is a pretty simple concept. It is the development of clouds at the earth’s surface. This occurs whenever the air temp and dew point match up. It occurs more-so when a moist and humid air mass is in place.

Sea fog is fog that originates over marine environments such as lakes, sounds, or the ocean.

Currently, what is causing our sea fog is the fact that a warm, humid air mass is in place over the eastern part of the state and the waters have cooled due to the recent snowfall we experienced earlier this month.

The problem with sea fog is that if it moves inland, we could see a shift in temperatures. The fog allows the warm air to stay in place or the cold air to stay in place. Sea fog could continue until waters warm or if the temp drops and the water gets a little warmer as well.