Zooming Around with Zoe: Weather on Neptune


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — We have saved the best for last, with Neptune having the wildest weather in the entire solar system.

Neptune is the only planet in our solar system not visible to the naked eye. It’s 2.8 billion miles away from the sun, taking 165 years to make one orbit. It’s so far that high noon would seem like dim twilight to humans, roughly 900 times darker than on Earth. This allows for freezing temperatures, averaging -373 F.

Despite it being the furthest planet from the sun, and therefore recieves the least amount of energy, Neptune is our solar system’s windiest world. Storms pop up and vanish daily. The slowest winds on the planet can reach over 700 mph, faster than the speed of sound on Earth. Bright, white cirrus clouds made of methane ice rapidly circle the globe, with one nicknamed “scooter” found to move across the planet every 16 hours.

Neptune also has what’s known as Great Dark Spots that form and disappear every four to six years, and scientists don’t know if these are storms or holes in the atmosphere. Either way, the fastest winds in the entire solar system are found here, with speeds near 1,200 mph.

Now you know that Neptune has some fierce weather, with the fastest winds and coldest temperatures out of all the planets.

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