GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Weather doesn’t respect borders. Something that happens on one side of the country can affect those living on the complete opposite side.

That is exactly what is happening this summer with wildfire smoke reaching our state.

Wildfires continue to explode across the western United States and Canada. People who are thousands of miles across the country normally would remain unbothered by an event so far away. But, the wildfires became the public’s problem when smoke covered many parts of the US, including around here.

Typically, smoke from wildfires stays nearby and keeps close to the ground. But in this case, the fires were so extreme that they launched the smoke miles into the air, all the way up to the jet stream. The jet stream then quickly picked up the smoke particles and whisked them along its path like oil traveling along an ocean current.

This dense smoke overhead caused an air quality alert to be in effect for many northeastern regions, with unhealthy conditions for sensitive groups. The sun was covered by a smoky haze for days.

However, it did create some marvelously beautiful sunsets and sunrises across the country. The sun turned a fiery pink and red and displayed spectacular colors across the horizon.

Unfortunately, fire potential will remain high through the rest of the month in many parts of the Northwest and even down to Southern California as a heatwave is currently building.

Despite the smoke, keep your eyes out for even more vibrant skies in the coming weeks as wildfires continue to rage.