What The Politics?! Episode 20: Cybersecurity, extremist groups, social media and personal privacy

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — We are surrounded by technology everywhere we go, at work, at home and at the store.

We are constantly vulnerable to cybersecurity issues. How can we protect ourselves and others? But most importantly, what is the biggest cybersecurity threat to our country today? Is it domestic or foreign antagonists? Or is it ourselves?

On this week’s episode of What The Politics?! We dive into the various topics of cybersecurity in our country. We’ll cover what are those threats, how are those threats gaining traction and how extremists groups are becoming an increasing threat through the use of social media.

We are joined by cybersecurity expert Bryce Webster-Jacobsen. He is the director of Intelligence Operations at GroupSense, an information security company based out of Washington D.C. They focus on cyber intel and incident response services. GroupSense works to enhance existing cyber intel programs and processes. Their main product works to collect data from the dark web to monitor it for sensitive data being illegally discussed and traded.

Bryce Webster-Jacobsen


Staying with the topic of Cyber Security, we discuss the personal aspects of cybersecurity when it relates to our own devices like laptops, smartphones, etc. What can we do to ensure our cyber safety and how can we spot a hack or security issue?

On this special edition of What The Politics?!, we speak with Senior Cybersecurity architect and mentor, Mike Parsons. He founded the BlueTeamAssess LLC, a company developed to offer actionable and cost-effective security solutions to small businesses. Parsons’ passion is working with small businesses by helping them to understand cybersecurity threats and their vulnerability to those threats.

Mike Parsons

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