GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – It’s the kick-start to the voting season. Early voting is now underway for the 2022 primary as well as local elections.

Not only does early voting mean you beat those lines on Election Day, but they also offer one-stop voting where you can register and vote all at once, as well as curbside voting, allowing people to cast their ballot without even leaving their car.

Your Local Elections Headquarters: Early voting information

“You can go to any one of the five locations here in Pitt County to cast your ballot. We’re open during the week from eight in the morning to 7:30 at night, as well as two Saturdays and one Sunday,” said Pitt County Director of Elections David Davis.

He added you can register and vote during their “one-stop periods,” but you will need to bring an official document with your current name and address. He said it’s important not to overlook local elections.

“Those are the folks who you can easily get in contact with. If they’re local, you see them in a grocery store, may go to church with them, run into them, you know, shopping, what have you,” said Davis.

In Onslow County, election officials said a good amount of people are already getting out to cast their vote.

“We’ve had about 150 people so far (Thursday), in about three hours, so that’s about 50 people an hour,” said Onslow County Board of Elections Director Jason Dedmond.

Dedmond said you may also come across some campaigning at the polls.

“Electioneering is what it’s called when they’re trying to get you to vote for a certain person. There might be people trying to give you literature, that’s fine. If you don’t want it, you don’t have to take it,” said Dedmond.

And Davis added this election is particularly important.

“There’s a lot of candidates like in the US Senate, some of the Congressional seats, a lot of candidates running. So it’s good to do your homework, and come on out, and this is also the primary, so you’ll be determining who you’ll see on the ballot at a general election,” Davis said.

Early voting will continue until May 14, three days before the election on May 17.