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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Popular vote totals are slowly rising in North Carolina and other battleground states, but that’s not what really decides the next president.

Political experts are giving us an idea of how the electoral college works.  

It’s the system of electing our president of the United States, but not everyone understands it even though we use it every four years — and only to decide who will be president.

“When we go to the polls and vote on election day, we are voting for the slate of electors attached to each of the presidential candidates’ names,” says East Carolina University Political Science professor Dr. Brad Lockerbie.

Dr. Thomas Eamon, another ECU Political Science professor adds, “In December mind you, the electors meet in their state capitals and they actually mark their ballots for president.”

Each state’s electoral votes are based on its congressional representation.

It’s why the government’s population count is so important.

Wesley Bishop is a Pitt Community College History and Political Science professor.

He says, “Every ten years with the census that gets changed so there will be a reshuffling before the next presidential election.”

The framers of the constitution are the ones who set up the electoral college, but not everyone likes it.

“It’s a system that does not necessarily mean the majority rule, and so there are serious flaws in that particular respect,” says Eamon. 

On the other hand, Lockerbie states,  “I think the electoral college, despite the laments that many people have, actually does a pretty good job of aggregating votes. If there’s a recount we don’t have to worry about a national recount.” 

Experts say the absentee ballot count in key states like Pennsylvania is far from over.

Their suggestion? Follow reliable news sources and not social media.

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