JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – It’s just over a month until the November election and officials with the Onslow County Board of Elections are working hard to get ready for the big day.  

The Board of Elections had its first absentee meeting on Tuesday. Leading up to this, they’ve been putting in some work to get ready for the upcoming election.  

“There’s only five of us here in the office that work full time. So, we can’t put on an election without poll workers,” said the director of the Onslow County Board of Elections, Jason Dedmond. 

Dedmond explained they’ve been training poll workers with two classes a day. 

“Things are always changing. You need a refresher between elections because you don’t do it all the time,” said Dedmond.  

And it’s not just the poll workers gearing up, they’ve also made sure the machines are ready to go, too. 

“We take a test deck of ballots. They’re just like pre-marked ballots that are just like the ballots on election day except they’ve been marked by a computer. And we run them through, and we test them to make sure that the results of the election are accurate,” said Dedmond.  

Coming up, they’ll have a mock election where they upload the results from that test to make sure they’re showing properly, too.  

Dedmond explained they already have 146 ballots so far that are ready to be approved during their absentee meetings. 

“My board is made up of Democrats and Republicans, and you have one from each party that are reviewing it to make sure everything is appropriate, then they approve it,” said Dedmond. 

They’ll have several more of these absentee meetings leading up to election day as well. To see a full list of all of those meetings and other important dates, click here.