GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A canvas on Friday of the votes cast in the Nov. 8 election show Tim Reeder as the official winner of the NC House District 9 race.

Brian Farkas (WNCT photo)

The race was held between Reeder, a Republican, and Brian Farkas, the incumbent Democrat. The unofficial returns on Election Day had Reeder with 15,069 votes (50.78%) to 14,607 (49.22%) for Farkas.

On Nov. 9, Farkas issued a statement that he had not conceded the race and would be waiting for the canvas results before moving further. Friday’s canvas by the Pitt County Board of Elections showed Reeder with 15,212 votes and Farkas with 14,858.

The difference in the votes is more than 1%, meaning there will not be a recount.

“I’m feeling very excited to get started working for the citizens of Pitt County,” Reeder told WNCT. “I feel really good. My opponent, Representative Brian Farkas, was a good competitor, he was a good man, and we had a very competitive race, and so at the end of a long race, coming out on top feels very very good.

“I really am. After nearly a year-long campaign season, all of that hard work and energy that we’ve put in to now have a chance to improve the community, work for the citizens of Pitt County, that’s what I’ve been working for for the last year, and I’m very excited to get up there and get started.”

Farkas issued a statement on Friday that said, in part:

“Thank you to everyone who believed in me and supported our work, both during the campaign and as a legislator. I know there are many people who are disappointed in the outcome of this election, but I hope you’ll keep the faith that hard work, bipartisanship, and civility will win the day – we’ve seen it before and it can happen again. To those who may look at the negative political attacks and second guess a career in public service, don’t. North Carolina needs your energy and drive to help us all move forward.

“I have loved this job, and using it to do the most good possible for my hometown. I will continue to serve Pitt County’s 9th District faithfully until the expiration of my term on December 31st, and will coordinate with Representative-elect Reeder’s team for a smooth transition. From there, we shall look to the future and see what opportunities to continue serving North Carolina are on the horizon.”