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Your Local Election Headquarters: 9OYS Super Tuesday coverage

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(WNCT) It’s Super Tuesday here in the East and voters have been casting their ballots all day.

North Carolina is one of 14 states voting on the biggest day of the primary season.

WNCT will have team coverage across the East covering the races that matter to you the most.

U.S. House District 1 Race

WNCT was monitoring the Republican primary race for North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, covering several counties in the East.

Democrat G.K. Butterfield has held the District 1 seat for the past 16 years.

N.C. Congressman G.K. Butterfield

Tonight, three GOP challengers were vying for a chance to take him on in November: Ethan Baca, Sandy Smith, and Michele Nix.

Sandy Smith won over Michele Nix tonight.

District 1 stretches from Pitt and Washington counties all the way to Vance County.

All three candidates said they support President Trump’s policies.

They each fully support the military and pro-life issues and back Second Amendment Rights.

Baca and Smith were making their first runs for public office.

Nix is the former vice chairwoman of N.C. Republican party.

While all three share similar views on core Republican stances, there is one factor that separates them, Smith is a native of the 1st District.

Onslow County Races

In Onslow County, the ballot included county commissioners and state representatives.

A race WNCT followed was House District 14. 

Two Republicans were vying for the seat: George Cleveland and Cindy Edwards.

George Cleveland took the win in District 14 in the Republican race.

Cleveland will face Democratic candidate Marcy Wofford in the November general election.

The winner will serve 10 precincts in Onslow County including Hubert, Bear Creek, and Swansboro.

Cleveland was seeking re-election for his seat that he’s held for 16 years.  ​

The Marine Corps veteran and the former teacher said his experience makes him fit to continue his position.

Cleveland sees drugs as Onslow County’s biggest problem. ​

He is looking for more resources and services to offer those seeking treatment.

“Drug rehabilitation is a continuing fight and we have to keep after it,” said Cleveland. And the more spaces and ​ability and trained people to tag the problem, the better we’ll be.”

Cleveland did not host a victory party but 9OYS was able to catch up with both Republicans on their win. ​

Cleveland’s challenger was a business owner and former teacher, Cindy Edwards. ​

This was Edwards’ first time running for office.​

She has participated in several local committees and advisory boards. ​

In addition to the opioid crisis, Edwards says Onslow County’s other challenges include mental health and the growth in the school system.

“We don’t have enough classes or teachers to meet that demand,” said Edwards. So we need to increase funding for the​ schools in order to meet the facility demands as well as appropriately trained staff to handle the classes​, but that’s getting harder and harder with the mandates that are coming out of Raleigh.”​

Two Republicans were vying for a seat in the state’s 15th Congressional District: incumbent Phil Shepard and challenger Mark Price.

Incumbent Phil Shepard held his victory party at Golden Corral. ​

He won with the majority vote in for the GOP primaries in District 15 and will face off against Democrat Carolyn Gomma for his seat. ​

Shepard has represented District 15 for nine years. ​

He’s a former veteran turned pastor, serving in several state advisory committees like transportation and health. ​

Shepard says his district’s biggest challenge is paying to upgrade the infrastructure and schools to serve the ​county’s growing population. ​​

​”We’ve got to make sure when we apply for the money that our grants are put together in such a way that​ we will get those,” said Shepard. We got to look at the federal government also because a lot of the growth is​. All the changes the federal government is making assign the military here.”

Shepard’s primary challenger was Onslow County Commissioner Mark Price. ​

He’s a former teacher and served on an advisory board. ​

Price says Onslow County’s biggest challenge is also growth, especially in schools. ​

If elected, he will push for a sales tax referendum to fix the problem. ​

​”To increase our sales tax by a quarter-cent if the voters would decide to do so, and so I think the voters deserve that type of flexibility to be able to make that decision if they would like to have that,” said Price.

Shepard will face Democrat Carolyn Gomaa in the November general election. ​

The winner will serve parts of Onslow county including Holly Ridge, Sneads Ferry, and Jacksonville.

Beaufort County Races

There were four Beaufort County Commissioner seats open and seven candidates running on the GOP side.

John Rebholz, Hood Richardson, and Jerry Evans all ran for re-election.

Results have trickled and all three candidates will continue to hold their seats as county commissioners.

The fourth seat will be filled by Randy Walker, a lifelong resident, and small business owner.

The county commissioners were only on the Republican ballot.

WNCT spoke with Chief Judge Alma Friedman who explains why this pose as an issue for some voters.

“If a person is a Democrat or Republican and if it’s not on that ballot course they don’t get to vote so that’s one of the problems we’re hearing that oh I wanted to vote for them while you are on the other party so you can’t do that,” said Chief Judge Friedman.

N.C. House District 12

In a relatively close race, Virginia Cox-Daugherty came out on top with almost just under 52% of the votes, that’s around 4,000.

Deonko Brown came in second with 37% and Lenton Brown followed with 11%.

Cox-Daugherty says she does not plan to make promises she can’t keep, but a few areas she does plan to focus on if elected in November are supporting agriculture, equal pay, social security, and Medicare.

She also wants to make a change for senior citizens in the community and make things such as getting prescription medications easier.

“I believe that you can’t support those areas by just making promises,” said Cox-Daugherty. You have to get to the table. You have to be a negotiator. This is the promise that I make to community members is that if I’m at the table, my voice will be heard.”

Cox-Daugherty has been an active member of her community for years and works with the Food Bank, the Red Cross, and other organizations within Lenoir County.

In order to take the District 12 seat, Cox-Daugherty will be running against Republican incumbent Chris Humphrey who took office back in 2018 and she says from now until November, she will be working to better organize her campaign.

N.C. House District 9

Brian Farkas held his watch party at Mellow Mushroom in Greenville.

The restaurant was packed with supporters and campaign volunteers.

Farkas says Greenville is ready for a change and he’s hoping to bring just that.

“It’s personal for me, I’m from Pitt County this is home,” said Farkas. “There’s a lot I want to do and I’m ready to get to work.”

Farkas is feeling excited and energized.

He and his campaign will regroup and then hit trails getting ready for November general elections where he’ll be going up against incumbent Perrin Jones.

Pitt County Board of Commissioners

Lauren White’s win brings her one step closer to keeping her seat on the Pitt County Board of Commissioners.

White is the current District 6 Commissioner.

She told WNCT her goal is to continue fighting to grow the tax base through economic development, as well as push for public school and safety improvements.

“I’m excited,” said White. I feel like I’ve had a lot of supporters get out and show up. I’m very excited about what the results of this election are. One thing that I’ve really enjoyed this year is getting out and being so active within the community. Getting inputs and getting things from the constituents. I’m looking forward to continuing to be involved.”

White will be going up against Democratic opponent Jerry Cox in the November elections.

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